In order to support the spiritual needs of our community members we offer the following services :  


Weekly Religious Activities


  • Daily Prayers

  • Friday (Jumah) Prayers

  • Saturday Evening Qur’an Transliteration (In Somali)

  • Women Islamic Lectures

  • Youth Islamic Lectures

  • Youth Halaqas


Observance of the Annual Islamic Pillars


  • Ramadan: During the Holy Month of Ramadan members of the community join nightly in Iftar, Tafseers, and Tarweeh prayers.

  • Hajj:  For those in the community who were not able to perform Hajj, HCC have nightly lectures on Hajj and its meaning, encourages members to do good deeds, and fast on the Day of Arafat. 

  • Eid ul-fitr and Eid ul- Adha Prayers: We provide a safe place for Muslims to unite and pray together.

  • Eid Carnival Celebration: We host an Eid celebration in order to provide a family-friendly environment for families to come together and celebrate.




  • Counseling Services

  • Marriage Services

  • Divorce Services

  • Funeral Services


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